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Paul Adams' Wanderings Around Engineering, Free Software and Berlin

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Hi, everyone! I'm Paul. I build and nurture software engineering teams.

I use my own history as an engineer to help drive my people leadership. I care about engineering teams and engineers and helping them achieve their goals.

I am an engineering leader with over a decade of experience in bringing agility to open source projects and companies. I have worked for both product and consulting companies across Europe as well as having been involved with many well-known open source communities. I am probably best-known for my work on KDE.

I have an extensive network here in Berlin, where I currently live; outside of my work, I am involved with many, diverse local Meetup groups (e.g. Project Management, Scrum, Software Craftsmanship, CrateDB Users...). You can often find me at community events, too. I regularly attend and speak at conferences such as FOSDEM, Write The Docs, Grafanacon, DockerCon... and more!

I am always excited to meet new teams both inside communities and companies. Please reach out to me if you would like to chat about your teams and what they are trying to achieve.

Things To Know

Some Things I'm Good At

Servant Leadership

My personal style is to act as a facilitator and an enabler. I am not a "manager" and, I hope, not a "boss". I help teams with their problems. Where possible, I try to deal with problems before the team even knows it exists. I enjoy being "part of the solution". I work at the disposal of my teams to enable them to work on what they do best.

Team Coaching

I enjoy working with engineering teams to help them work together more effectively both as a unit and as individuals. I monitor my teams to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to help them understand where they can improve.

Team Building

Hiring new engineers is one of the most satisfying parts of my work. I work with my teams to identify what they need from a new team member and continue to involve my engineering teams throughout the hiring process.


I have over a decade of agile development process experience. While best known as a Scrum Master, I care more about agility than any particular process. I use my experience here to ensure that the teams I work with are delivering to the best of their ability.

Some Things Drain My Energy

Competitive Corporate Culture

I am all about collaboration and cooperation. I prefer to work in environments build upon openness, excellence and team-play.

Poor Work/Life Balance

I have many interests outside of work: art, photography (I'm not very good, but snap-away anyway!), music, ham radio... I love to explore my hobbies and love working with engineers who also have interesting pastimes.


Teams change, techniques change, tooling changes... Software environments are very fluid things and the best teams are given the freedom to update their practices in order to deliver. I enjoy working for organizations that are willing to explore news ideas.