ChefConf 2017 - Day 0

by Paul Adams

Notes from the first day of ChefConf in Austin.

In downtown ATX there is a statue of Willie Nelson. If you stare at it for long enough you will be left with a feeling that "something is not quite right". Oh right... the statue does not have a joint.

The Calm Before The Storm

ChefConf kicks off with a day of workshops and a community unconference. I was not registered for any of this, but I abused the early registration opportunity, so that I would not have to turn up too early on day 1.

Most of the day was spent hanging out in the hallways at the ChefConf venue. Big. I always enjoy the hallway track at conferences more than anything, and this was a great opportunity for me to make some new Chef friends.

Things I learned:

  • Chef friends really love Chef;
  • Chef friends are super-interested in Habitat, largely out of curiosity and not fully understanding what it does;
  • Chef friends love to hug.

The time I spent hanging out in the hallway was spent preparing my talk for ChefConf. More on that later.

Interesting Eating


Lunch was super awesome. An old school friend of mine (I reckon we have known each other since we were about 7 years old) lives in ATX and I totally forgot this. Through the power of Facebook, she reached out and we did lunch together.

Fascinating to catch up on what we have both been up to over the years. From starting out at the same little town in Scotland we have gone on to live very different lives, but we clearly still look at the world in very similar ways.

Lots of fun to meet and talk.

Habitat Community Dindins

What can I say? I hung out with some of my new friends from Habitat and we ate/drank some (by my standards) quite ridiculous food. Amazing:

So There Is An Actual Conference Coming Up, Right?

So, all-in-all, a pretty chill day in Austin. Most definitely the "calm before the storm". Because conference day 1 is filled with lots of people, talks, conversations... oh and not to forget my own presentation!