CrateDB v.1

by Paul Adams

Celebrating CrateDB's v1 milestone by taking a look at the blobs!

Last week CrateDB v1.0.1 was released as Generally Available. This is the culmination of years of work, thousands of commits and in excess of 1 million downloads.

To celebrate this release I wanted to take a moment to poke into the contributions.

Reminder: The Blue Blobs

It's been a long time since I wrote about a Blue Blobs visualisation of a Git repo. So I thought I'd start with a small reminder:

  • Each row represents one contributor to the repository
    • A real-life human being might have more than one row in the repo
  • Each column of blue dots represents one week
  • The darker the blue, the more activity (measured in commits) that week
  • The dates shown represent the first and most recent commit times

The count of commits can be a useful metric for productivity. But typically not by itself. So try and resist to make too many judgements of what is going on inside a community when looking at these pictures.

Crate GA Blobs

So let's take a look at the Blue Blobs for the Crate GA release...

Crate v1.0.1 Blobs
Click image to enlarge.

I think this is pretty typical for a young-ish community:

  • There's only a handful of regular contributors (and they are all getting paid to contribute)
  • New contributor acquisition is slow
  • The (slim) majority of contributors only make a few commits and then disappear

If your name appears on this diagram somewhere, congratulations and thank you for your contrubutions to Crate v1.0.1.

With the first Crate GA release now made, it will be interesting to see how this diagram changes over time. At the very least, I would hope to see an increase in contributor acquisition.