Paul Adams is an engineering lead based in Berlin.

Baggerspion started out as a blog called "Green Eggs and Ham" in about 2004 when I wanted to write about the early results coming out of my research into Free Software productivity. Content so terrible, even the Wayback Machine could not be bothered to archive it.

Since moving to Germany, Baggerspion has becomed focused on engineering leadership and engineering culture, with some infrequent posts on life in Berlin. It has had a visual update prety much every time I found myself switching jobs. But the content is staler than that single slice of bread at the back of the cupbpard.

What's In A Name?

"Baggerspion" is a fictional German word from the mind of Ben Schott. I find that it describes my attitude towards engineering teams quite well.


Paul Adams is a senior engineering leader based in Berlin. He draws upon both academic and industrial backgrounds. Notably, Paul has been active in Open Source since the late 90s, having contibuted to Zope/Plone, CrateDB, Postgres and, most notably, KDE. Paul is a Fellow of the FSFE and the Openforum Academy.

Paul began his career as an academic, obtaining both BSc and PhD in the UK. Since joining industry he has focused on engineering leadership and culture, with a focus on agility. Paul has worked for many internationally-renowned companies, particularly in ecommerce: Zalando, Wayfair and Scout24 Group.

Today, Paul is Managing Director for Vercel's German subsidiary. Taking care of all legal/regulatory compliance and ensuring smooth day-to-day business operations for a small team of engineers and product managers in Berlin.

Organisations With Which I've Worked