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CrateDB Grafana Plugin

One of my final tasks for was to record a video demoing the CrateDB datasource for Grafana.

Grafana is a tool for visualising timeseries data, using sharable widgets and dashboards. Most importantly, through the addition of a plugin, it can be configured to talk to a CrateDB cluster.

The Video

The purpose of this video was not to produce something polished. Instead, it was part of my handover as I was leaving I created this video so that I could pass on some of my knowledge of how to demo this tooling…

…as you can see/hear this rough cut (literally my second take) includes all the pauses, “errrr” and nerves ticks that come alone with an unprepared demo.

Typically I would want to produce/watch numerous drafts like this before publishing.

I wonder what the final version will look like.