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New Baggerspion

I have set myself a challenge for 2017: write at least one blog post every week. Given that I only managed to write 11 in 2016, this should pose quite a challenge. Before that challenge there was something else to tackle:

Historical Note

I have been bloggng for a while. I started when I was studying for my PhD, well over a decade ago now. Back then my department hosted my blog on crappy (even for the time), old Linux server called Hemswell. The blog was called “Green Eggs and Ham” back then. Don’t ask.

Honestly, then my memory gets fuzzy; there is a gap of a year or two before the first incarnation of Baggerspion. Baggerspion started life as a Wordpress blog. It was self-hosted on a Linux VM that also provided a Kolab Groupware server.

At the start of 2016 I decided to get rid of that VM and everything it did. Baggerspion email was migrated to Google and the blog to Blogger with it. Blogger, quite simply, is terrible.

Something New

So I decided that it was time for yet another (hopefully long-term) change: to move Baggerpsion to GithubPages. This gives me an opportunity to learn some new tools (in the form of Travis CI, and Jekyll). I am actually writing this post before the new site is even ready. Having a “real” entry like this helps me to learn my new tools and to make sure the site looks right.

What’s Involved?

  • Github Pages: for hosting
  • Jekyll: for generating the site
  • Travis CI: for quality control of builds

Meet The New Baggerspion, Same As The Old Baggerspion

Contentwise, it’s business as usual. Baggerspion will continue to be my home for writing about software engineering (management), publishing weird visualisations of what’s goign on inside Free Software projects and generally striving to be interesting.

I am treating this as a completely new start. You can still find the old Baggerspion content here. Once I have this post published, my first real content will be on the Crate 1.0.x release.