Dr. Paul Finlayson Adams

Fractional Engineering Leadership

On-Demand Advice

Sometimes all you need is an impartial opinion to help you avoid costly mistakes or to make decisions faster. I am on hand to provide experienced advice when it counts the most.

Focus For Your CTO

As your business grows, the CTO role will grow in complexity. At times you will be a tech lead. At other times you will be a manager... or accountant. I'm happy to share the load with you; let you focus on what is most important.

Guidance For Your Engineers

Your team deserves to be productive and happy. I can work directly with your engineers to ensure obstacles are removed from their path. Don't just build a great product, build a great culture that your team loves.

"He impressed me several times with his ability to read customers within no time: Their needs, their wishes, their fears."

Mathias Hasselmann
Mathias HasselmannEngineer, KDAB

Want an introductory chat?

Use this calendar to grab a free 45-minute with me to discuss your business and how I might be able to help.

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